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Condensed Aluminum Phosphate


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Condensed Aluminum Phosphate is a high temperature binder and potassium silicate curing agent that is used in production and manufacturing of special glass, ceramics, inorganic coatings, and oxides of concrete. This product is a white powder in appearance with a PH value of 2-4. Condensed Aluminum Phosphate has a residue on sieve at 120 mesh of ≤50% and should be protected from weathering and sun exposure.


Shijiazhuang Xinsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. is a producer of Zinc Phosphate, Aluminum Phosphate, Aluminum Tripolyphosphate and Aluminum Metaphosphate. Some of the products they offer to the paint and coatings industry are for use in high-temperature resistant paints, oil paints and spray paint.



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Shijiazhuang Xinsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.

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