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Hakuenka® O is a superior ultra-fine calcium carbonate coated with organic compound. Hakuenka® O has 30nm uniformed ultra-fine particles as the primary particle. These particles are surface treated with rosin acid in order to provide compatible surface modification when it is mixed with organic materials or with a vehicle component. Hakuenka® O is mainly used for ink application as an extender pigment for better transparency and gloss. Hakuenka® O is also applied in the rubber industry. The rubber compounds with Hakuenka® O shows better tensile strength, tear strength and flex resistance.


Shiraishi-Omya GmbH manufactures high-quality Hakuenka® products that are chiefly used by the growing adhesives and sealants industry, although precipitated calcium carbonate in dry powder form is an accepted ingredient of printing inks for the graphic art and inks industry. Ultrafine precipitated calcium carbonate contains particles of defined size in the sub-100 nanometer range that improve the brushing feature of the paint, it also contributes to create a glossy but smooth paint surface.



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