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Acid Bordeaux GRL

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Acid Bordeaux GRL forms part of a range of acid dyes, with an acid red color index of 213 and strength of 200% and is characterized by its light fastness at different depths, leveling, good build-up and wet fastness properties. Although used mostly in the dyeing of fabrics, the product is also used in inks.


Sunny Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter of UV Absorbers, dyes, pigments and fine chemicals. They have a solid presence in the international markets of dyestuffs & fine chemicals, Hangzhou Sunny Chemical Co.,Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing of a wide range of disperse dyes, acid dyes, solvent dyes and vat dye. Their products are used in various industries like textile, ink, leather, paper, paint, lubricants, cosmetics and many other industries where colour applications are required.



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