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Ammonium Chloride


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Ammonium Chloride, in the form of a white powder, is an acid salt of ammonia. This product can be used in adhesives and as a constituent of dyeing processes. It contains no more than 0.70% water, and its pH lies between 4.0 and 5.8.


Tianjin Minle Chemical Import & Export Co. Ltd. manufacturer of chrome based chemicals ,water treatment and other chemical materials such as chrome oxide green,chromic acid ,sodium bichromate ,potassium bichromate , sodium sulphide ,sodium hydrosulphide, aluminium hydroxide and aluminum sulphate and so on located in Minle county,Zhangye city, GanSu province. Some of their products have applications as colorants in enamels and porcelain ware, as well as in sun-proof coatings for the paint and coating industry.



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Tianjin Minle Chemical Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd.

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