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Octosol A-18 


Tiarco Chemical

Octosol A-18 is an opalescent aqueous dispersion of disodium n-octadecylsulfosuccinamate, in the form of an off-white to cream-colored paste. Stable in acid and alkaline aqueous systems, this surfactant has many successful uses: emulsifying, dispersing, and foaming. It is used as a textile-softening agent, as a suspending agent in emulsion polymerization, as a foaming agent in latex compounds, and in cleaning and penetrating formulations.


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Tiarco Chemical is a developer and manufacturer of specialty chemicals used in the Paint & Coatings industry. With a focus on high performance additives for natural and synthetic latex-based applications, it offers accelerators, antioxidants, cure packages, waxes, wetting agents, and more. Tiarco strives to continually surpass expectations through superior quality, service, and support.


Tiarco Chemical

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