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Octosol 449 


Tiarco Chemical

Octosol 449 is a potassium oleate soap in the form of a yellow to amber liquid. It is prepared from fine oleic acid (red oil) reacted with a minimum excess of potassium hydroxide (KOH, potash). This fatty acid soap plays an important role in latex compounds by contributing to mechanical and chemical stability. Octosol 449 may be used as a primary frothing aid in gelled latex foam compounds. It may also used as a dispersant for fillers, dry chemicals, and pigments.


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Tiarco Chemical is a developer and manufacturer of specialty chemicals used in the Paint & Coatings industry. With a focus on high performance additives for natural and synthetic latex-based applications, it offers accelerators, antioxidants, cure packages, waxes, wetting agents, and more. Tiarco strives to continually surpass expectations through superior quality, service, and support.


Tiarco Chemical

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