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Octosol 853 


Tiarco Chemical

Octosol 853 is an anionic surfactant, in the form of a dark reddish-brown aqueous solution of sulfated fatty acids. It aids in the mechanical and chemical stability of both natural and synthetic latices during compounding, storage, and application. This product is formulated to prevent premature coagulation of the latex under such conditions as high-speed agitation, acidification, or pigmentation. Octosol 853 may also be used for gelation-control. Used as a dipping aid, it ensures uniform film deposits and good penetration.


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Tiarco Chemical is a developer and manufacturer of specialty chemicals used in the Paint & Coatings industry. With a focus on high performance additives for natural and synthetic latex-based applications, it offers accelerators, antioxidants, cure packages, waxes, wetting agents, and more. Tiarco strives to continually surpass expectations through superior quality, service, and support.


Tiarco Chemical

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