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Methylene Chloride


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Methylene Chloride is a clear transparent organochloride compound widely used as a solvent. This product is a neutral liquid heavier than water and non-flammable. Methylene Chloride is fully miscible with almost all organic solvents but only slightly with water. It has solvent properties with most organic chemicals and materials. This product is primarily used as a solvent in paints and coatings.


TOP Solvent Company Limited was founded in 2008 to conduct business as a producer and distributor of solvents and chemicals, both locally produced and imported. TOP Solvent is the major shareholder of Sak Chaisidhi Company Limited, located in Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, Rayong. Sak Chaisidhi produces high-quality hydrocarbon solvents for various industries. Industrial product applications include paints and coatings and as solvents and thinners for the paint and coatings industry.



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TOP Solvent Company Limited

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