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Unithane IC-352 NF 

Unithane IC-352 NF is a NMP free, uniquely hard, high gloss, APEO free, water-based polyurethane dispersion with fast drying and high chemical resistance properties. This product has a gloss at 60° of 88 and a viscosity at 25°C of 10-500cps. It is often used in formulated topcoat for wood, metal, flooring, graphic arts, and paints.


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Union Specialties, Inc. is a supplier of water-based polyurethane dispersions and specialty ingredients used in the Paint & Coatings industry. With a full range of products to fit a wide array of formulation needs, it demonstrates the power of water-based polyurethane technology. Union Specialties' central tenets are best encapsulated in three words: quality, service, and commitment.


Union Specialties, Inc.

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