Polyglycol BB 300 

Polyglycol BB 300 is a clear, neutral, colorless to light yellowish liquid with a characteristic odor. It is miscible with ethanol, acetone, benzene, ether and chlorinated hydrocarbons in any ratio and forms a clear solution. Polyglycol BB 300 has a high boiling point, relatively low freezing range and low viscosity.


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Clariant – Coatings & Construction Chemicals offers a broad range of additives for Paint and Coatings formulations and manufacturing of pigment preparations. Designed to boost paint performance, this selection of additives includes: wetting and dispersing agents (such as compatibilizers, stabilizers, synergists, and supplements), humectants, foam control agents, and biocides/preservatives.



Clariant - Coatings & Construction Chemicals 科莱恩-涂料和建筑用化学品

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