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AFCONA - 4000 

AFCONA – 4000 is a modified polyurethane polymer in a butylacetate, methoxy propyl acetate, and sec-butanol solution. This product is a high molecular weight polymeric dispersant for deflocculation of pigments and is suitable for use in polyurethane and epoxy systems, and baking paints. AFCONA – 4000 finds application in thermoplastic acrylic, CAB containing systems, polyurethane, and baking paints based on alkyd, acrylic, and saturated polyester.


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Afcona Additives has grown tremendously since it was founded in 2005 in Southeast Asia. Today it is a global company, with manufacturing, technical, and commercial operations on four continents. These sites support a network of dedicated sales staff and independent distributors who provide exemplary service to customers around the world.

Afcona is able to provide advanced solutions to the paint and coatings market by tailoring their R&D, Applications, and Technical Service capabilities to the needs of customers. Today more than 30% of Afcona's revenue is generated by products that have been in the marketplace for less than 5 years.


AFCONA Additives Sdn Bhd

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