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Tylose® HS 100000 YP2 

Tylose® HS 100000 YP2 is a water-soluble, non-ionic, highly etherified hydroxyethyl cellulose powder. It provides increased biostability, very high thickening effects and water retention, moderate foam stabilization, and high solution clarity, gloss appearance, pigment compatibility, and pseudoplasticity.This grade of hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC) is particularly well-suited for use in interior paint, non-woven fabric, and toilet cleaner / wc-gel applications.




SE Tylose GmbH & Co. KG is a supplier of cellulose ethers used in the Paint & Coatings industry. This organization delivers a range of water-soluble cellulose ethers under the Tylose® trade name - including methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose (MHEC), methyl hydroxypropyl cellulose (MHPC), and hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC) - for applications such as construction and ceramic coatings & paints.



SE Tylose GmbH & Co. KG

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