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Rosin Modified Maleic Resin MR-130D 

Rosin Modified Maleic Resin MR-130D is a raw material that is esterified by the addition of gum rosin, maleic anhydride, glycerol or pentaerythritol. It is transparent to pale yellow flakes in appearance with a Gardner grade color of 5-8. This product is used to provide light color production and retention in nitrocellulose lacquers and inks.


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Resin Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a supplier of gum rosin, rosin modified esters, and hydrocarbon resins used in the Paint & Coatings industry. Its annual production capacity comprises 15,000 metric tons each of both gum rosin and rosin derivatives. Resin Chemicals is dedicated to customer satisfaction, innovation, and delivery of high quality products and services that exceed expectations.


Resin Chemicals Co., Ltd.

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