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Black RL is a black solvent dye, with a color index number of PBk-29, that facilitates the coloration of nitrocellulose lacquers in order to produce transparent shades on metal foils and metalized polyester films. It is suitable for use in binder systems like vinyl resins, alkyd melamine baking enamels, shellac, and acrylic resins. This solvent dye is also ideal for transparent lacquers, gravure and flexographic printing inks, and wood stains, as well as coloring anodized aluminum and plastics.


Meghmani Dyes and Intermediates Ltd. is a supplier of dyes and intermediates used in the Paint & Coatings industry. With broad research & development efforts, strict quality control measures, and sound environmental policies, this organization is committed to maintaining the highest standards in manufacturing and product quality. Meghmani always strives for 100% customer satisfaction.



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Meghmani Dyes and Intermediates Ltd.

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