Hauthane L-2969 



Hauthane L-2969 is a soft, aliphatic, polyester-based, aqueous polyurethane dispersion. It was designed primarily for use on flexible substrates as a coating, saturant or impregnant. L-2969 may also be used as a blending resin with harder polyurethane dispersions to impart flexibility without adversely effecting chemical resistance. L-2969 can be used as a sole vehicle or blended with harder polyurethane dispersions or acrylic emulsions for spray or rotogravure applications. Rheology modifications can be made with associative thickeners for alternative application methods.


产品技术规格书 TDS


Hauthaway is a producer of polyurethane polymers and compounded finishing materials for applications in the Architectural and Industrial Coatings industries. Hauthaway's wide range of water-based polyurethane dispersions provide formulators options for compounding coatings for wood flooring, concrete flooring, automotive interior plastics, leather seating, and flame retardant finishes for textiles.



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