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Hauthane L-3101 



Hauthane L-3101 is a very hard, NMP-free/APEO-free, polycarbonate-based, aliphatic, waterborne polyurethane dispersion. It was developed for general coatings use where exceptional resistance to hydrolysis, oxidation and UV degradation is required. L-3101 is ideally suited for exterior applications where film durability and longevity are important considerations. L-3101 may be used as a sole vehicle or blended with acrylic emulsions for application by conventional or air-assisted spray equipment. It may be thickened with associative thickeners to attain desired application rheology.


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Hauthaway is a producer of polyurethane polymers and compounded finishing materials for applications in the Architectural and Industrial Coatings industries. Hauthaway's wide range of water-based polyurethane dispersions provide formulators options for compounding coatings for wood flooring, concrete flooring, automotive interior plastics, leather seating, and flame retardant finishes for textiles.



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