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Skip the Squeegee - Coating May Make Car Washing a Thing of the Past 

Expert author in the paint and coatings industry, Ron Lewarchik, discusses a new technology that allows cars to never to be sprayed, scrubbed or polished. The coating is called Ultra-Ever-Dry and is used on Nissan's Leaf electric vehicles in Europe. Some points he touches on include nano-technology, hydrophobic and oleophobic paints and oil resistance.



Ronald J. Lewarchik brings 40 years of paint and coatings industry expertise to his role as a paint and coatings industry expert at Prospector. Ron is currently the President and CEO of Chemical Dynamics, LLC, a full-service paint and coatings firm specializing in consulting and product development. Previously, Ron served as an Adjunct Research Professor at the Coatings Research Institute of Eastern Michigan University and was the Vice President of Industrial Research and Technology, as well as the Global Director of Coil Coating Technology for BASF.

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