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Fundamentals of Corrosion Protection

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Corrosion is a an electrochemical process where the metal is oxidized by virtue of interaction with its environment, which results in the metal returning to its most stable oxidative state. In this article, Ronald Lewarchik discusses the factors that influence corrosion, especially in regard to the use of coatings designed to protect the metal to which they’re applied. Some topics include organic coatings, pigment selection and the effect of pH on the rate of corrosion.


Ronald J. Lewarchik brings 40 years of paint and coatings industry expertise to his role as a paint and coatings industry expert at Prospector. Ron is currently the President and CEO of Chemical Dynamics, LLC, a full-service paint and coatings firm specializing in consulting and product development. Previously, Ron served as an Adjunct Research Professor at the Coatings Research Institute of Eastern Michigan University and was the Vice President of Industrial Research and Technology, as well as the Global Director of Coil Coating Technology for BASF.