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Amorphic™ I200


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Amorphic™ I200 is an engineered aluminum phosphate complex designed for long lasting corrosion protection. This product provides a balance of anodic passivation, direct electrolyte diffusion inhibition, and secondary matrix reinforcement protective mechanisms. It is used in decorative and general purpose paints and coatings, polyester coil primer and topcoat, and automotive refinish primer.


Bunge Amorphic Solutions, LLC. has evolved the science of aluminum phosphate chemistry to provide a unique synthesis platform for multiple applications, including corrosion control without the use of heavy metals. This customizable platform combines unique, proprietary chemistry with focused technical service.

Bunge Amorphic Solutions, LLC. developed Amorphic® corrosion inhibitor, a unique form of aluminum phosphate, that replaces heavy metal based compositions such as chrome and strontium chromate in standard and high solids formulations. It is for use in protective coatings for automotive, coil, industrial and architectural coatings. When used in solvent borne epoxy and acrylic primers and topcoats, Amorphic® helps prevent rust and corrosion.



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Bunge Amorphic Solutions, LLC.

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