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RF 68 

RF 68 is a standard, low viscosity, fatty acid amidoamine resin for ambient curing of epoxy resins. It is intended as an equivalent “drop-in” for Genamid 250 and can be used without formulation changes. When mixed at stoichiometric ratio it cures to a hard, durable, moisture and chemical resistant plastic. RF 68 is ideally suited for high solids formulations with low viscosity resins. It can be used in compliance with 21 CFR 175.300 and 21 CFR 176.170 as a component of FDA-compliant epoxy coatings, can cements and adhesives.


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E.V. Roberts is a full-service supplier of advanced engineered materials. We are fully AS- and ISO-certified and authorized to distribute 3M, Henkel, and Momentive adhesives and films, sealants, surface treatments, resins, curing agents and more. Resin Formulators- our custom formulation division, manufactures custom epoxy resin solutions, while our dispensing and packaging business ensures precision and efficiency.


Resin Formulators (E.V. Roberts)

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