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RF 1386 A/B Kit


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RF 1386 A/B Kit is a two-part, thixotropic, high strength epoxy adhesive system designed for use in food packaging and water filtration applications and meets the requirements of provision 21 CFR 175.105. The raw materials used in RF 1386 are listed for use in “Food Packaging Adhesive” applications and are classified as FDA Approved under the same provision. It has excellent wet out and can easily penetrate fibrous substrates. RF 1386 has exceptional adhesive strength to a wide variety of substrates, including membranes, separators and other material used in reverse osmosis.


E.V. Roberts is a full-service supplier of advanced engineered materials. We are fully AS- and ISO-certified and authorized to distribute 3M, Henkel, and Momentive adhesives and films, sealants, surface treatments, resins, curing agents and more. Resin Formulators- our custom formulation division, manufactures custom epoxy resin solutions, while our dispensing and packaging business ensures precision and efficiency.



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Resin Formulators (E.V. Roberts)

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