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Airase® 5100 Defoamer 

Airase® 5100 Defoamer is a structured siloxane defoamer line (SSDL) defoamer - a member of a line of products that spans the application space from strong defoaming to high compatibility. Airase® 5100 Defoamer is the strongest defoamer of the SSDL defoamers offered by Air Products. Airase® 5100 Defoamer is a formulated product that contains no added solvent, HAPs, or alkylphenol ethoxylates.

This siloxane-based defoamer was developed for use in a wide range of water-based applications. Airase® 5100 Defoamer is best incorporated with high shear mixing. It is designed for applications where strong defoaming is required and the formulations are not sensitive to cratering. When properly incorporated, Airase® 5100 Defoamer can provide excellent long-term, persistent defoaming in formulations.


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