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LIOPTAL 836 is a short-oil drying alkyd resin. It is suitable for use in air-drying primers, as well as single and top coats. It has good dipping bath stability. The low oil content of Lioptal 836 yields very quick-drying glossy top coats. With forced drying, e.g. 30 min / 80°C, very hard films are obt ained within a short period of time. Dipping coatings based on Lioptal 836 have excellent tank stability. The possibility of combining with clorinated vinyl polymers (e.g. Laroflax) is also worth mentioning.


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Synthopol Chemie Germany is a developer and manufacturer that supplies artificial resins for the Paint and Coatings industry. This company combines their innovative product developments with state-of-the-art facilities to create standard binding agents, acrylic resins, alkyd resins, dispersions, radiation-curing resins, and more. These raw materials have all been tried and tested to meet requirements.


Synthopol Chemie Germany

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