Calcined Kaolin for Paint 901 

与其它同类产品相比,Calcined Kaolin for Paint 901具有更高的亮度和更好的不透明性。它具有出色的分散性和低油吸收量,还可以增加油漆中填料的含量。这款产品可以改善涂料的耐磨损性和耐候性。


产品技术规格书 TDS


Golden Bright Enterprise also known as Datong Coal Industrial Jinyu Kaolin Chemical Corp.大同煤业金宇高岭土化工有限公司 is a subsidiary of Datong Coal Mine Group. They offer kaolin clays under two types: Calcined Kaolin and Hydrous Aluminum Silicates. The Calcined Kaolin are prepared by methods of water-washing to attain brightness, better residues, purity and requested particle size distribution. Hydrous Aluminum Silicates contain about 14% water that is bonded chemically inside a crystalline structure. They can vary in pH, brightness, residue and particle size.


Golden Bright Enterprise Co. Ltd. 大同煤业金宇高岭土化工有限公司

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