RHEOLATE® 299 rheological additive is a 25% active aqueous polyether polyurethane associative thickener (NISAT) designed for waterborne industrial and decorative, pigmented and clear, gloss and high gloss coating systems. This rheology modifier is a highly efficient viscosity builder in the low- to mid-shear rate range. It provides strongly shear thinning flow behaviour which makes it ideal for spray applications including sprayed latex emulsions, dispersions, water reducible clear-coats and high gloss pigmented systems.


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Elementis Specialties is a supplier of rheology modifiers and specialty additives used in the Paint & Coatings industry. It offers many ingredients for waterborne and solvent systems, including rheological additives, colorant and tinting systems, defoamers, wetting and dispersing agents, and coalescents. Elementis’s BETONE® rheological additives in particular are highly efficient and effective.


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