BENGEL® 988 

BENGEL® 988 rheological additive is an organic derivative of a bentonite clay. It is designed for use in low to high polarity systems containing aliphatic solvents, aromatic solvents, ketones, esters, glycol ethers and alcohols. It is easy to incorporate and can be added dry to the pigment grinding process without chemical activator or the preparation of a pregel.


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Elementis Specialties is a supplier of rheology modifiers and specialty additives used in the Paint & Coatings industry. It offers many ingredients for waterborne and solvent systems, including rheological additives, colorant and tinting systems, defoamers, wetting and dispersing agents, and coalescents. Elementis’s BETONE® rheological additives in particular are highly efficient and effective.


Elementis Specialties 海名斯特殊化学

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