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Chroma-chem® 896-9910 

Chroma-chem® 896-9910 is a Hi-Temperature Black industrial colorant with the CI Name PBK 24. Chroma-chem® 896 colorants are designed for use in a wide variety of water-based industrial coatings. The colorants are based upon a water-reducible acrylic resin. They can be used in water-reducible and emulsion coatings in both air-dry and baking systems. The colorants are low VOC and glycol-free.

They have little or no effect on gloss, dry time, water resistance, hardness, corrosion, foaming, or other coating properties. Chroma-chem® 896 colorants are recommended for applications such as water-based general industrial, wood finishing, metal deco, architectural coatings, maintenance coatings for plastics, and rubber latex products.


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