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Chroma-chem® 846-0061 

Chroma-chem® 846-0061 is a Titanium White industrial pigment with the CI Name PW 6. Chroma-chem® 846 industrial colorants are patent-pending, low VOC, and APE-free for use in high-performance, non-aqueous, industrial, wood, and maintenance coatings. The colorants are dispersed in a unique, proprietary acrylic resin vehicle that provides excellent wetting and dispersing properties superior to other acrylic resins available.

Chroma-chem® 846 industrial colorants utilize state-of-the-art pigments, including transparent oxides, IR reflective and pearlescent, that were specifically chosen to provide broad color space, excellent durability, light fastness, and chemical resistance. User for both volumetric dispensing and in-plant tinting, Chroma-chem® 846 features best-in-class quality for color retention, dispensability, and consistency in a wide variety of chemistries.


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