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Temacolor™ HP 1024 

Temacolor™ HP 1024 is a yellow oxide colorant with the color index number PY 42 and a 50% pigment content. It is part of Chromaflo's Temacolor™ HP Series, which are based on acrylic resins and provide a broad compatibility profile. They are specially designed for all solvent-based one- and two-component coatings, as well as industrial wood finishes. Temacolor™ HP is compatible with coatings based on nitrocellulose, polyurethane, CAB, short oil alkyd and acid curing systems.

Most Temacolor™ HP colorants are formulated without the use of aromatic solvents. Pigment selection is based on the high requirements of industrial coating systems. Even the use of high amounts of Temacolor™ HP (up to 30 percent) will only have minimal impact on the system properties such as gloss, pot life, hardness, viscosity, sagging and drying time. All Temacolor™ HP colorants are calibrated by volume and weight. This makes them suitable for use in In-Plant and POS tinting systems.






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