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Airase® 5200 Defoamer 

Airase® 5200 Defoamer is a structured siloxane defoamer line (SSDL) defoamer - a member of a line of products that spans the application space from strong defoaming to high compatibility. Airase® 5200 Defoamer is the second strongest defoamer of the SSDL defoamers offered by Air Products, and is best incorporated with high shear mixing. Airase® 5200 Defoamer is a formulated product that contains no added solvent, hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) or alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs).

This siloxane-based defoamer was developed for use in a wide range of water-based applications. It is designed for applications where strong defoaming is required and the formulations are not particularly sensitive to cratering. When properly incorporated, Airase® 5200 Defoamer can provide excellent long-term, persistent defoaming in formulations. It offers better film compatbility than Airase® 5100 Defoamer.


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空气化工产品 - 添加剂(欧盟)PLC提供特种树脂,环氧树脂固化剂和稀释剂和改性剂,用于混凝土和金属防护技术。它们可用于工业维修,航空航天和汽车涂料,船舶,以及中到重防腐涂料的应用。空气化工产品公司提供各种润湿剂,消泡剂和分散剂,可理想的用于制备无缺陷表面涂料,耐候,改进的颜色和摩擦,对难以附着的基材具有良好的附着力



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