TOYNOL® DF-63 is an organosilicon defoamer supplied as a translucent liquid. It has excellent properties to control and break foam, eliminates micro-foam, has excellent storage stability, and is APEO-free and non toxic. With high active content, this defoamer can eliminate micro-foam in mid-high viscosity water-based systems and control foam for a long time in high speed movement systems. Meanwhile, it can promote wetting and leveling to substrates and eliminate shrinkage. This product is suggested for printing inks and printing coatings.


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Acme Tech Co., Ltd. specializes in researching and manufacturing nonionic surfactants, additives and special chemicals for coatings, inks, and adhesives.. Acme Tech successfully developed a new series of multifunctional nonionic surfactant additives with both wetting and foaming control for a wide range of applications. The company also supplies UV absorbers and light stabilizer additives.



Acme Tech Co., Ltd. 艾克米科技有限公司

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