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Aluminum Acetylacetonate SN-805 

Aluminum Acetylacetonate SN-805 is a white crystalline powder, soluble in benzene, toluene, xylene, methylalcohol, insoluble in water. This product is used as hardening accelerator for epoxy resin, also as a crosslinking agent for hydroxybenzene, acryl resin. It can improve adhesion in white ink, transparent ink and so on, and will not cause color darkening.


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Suny Chem supplies synthetic resins, auxiliaries, and high polymer additives for Paints. The company’s high polymer additives serve a variety of functions in paint applications, including antioxidants, anti-static agents, UV absorbers, curing agents, flame retardants, light stabilizers, optical brighteners, and photoinitiators. Established in 1995, Suny Chem is located in Yantai, China.



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