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Environmental High Boiling Solvent DBE 

Environmental High Boiling Solvent DBE is a mixture of dibasic acid ester. It is very stable at the usual temperature and moisture. Ester exchange reaction mainly aims at transforming ester to useful plasticizer and other polyesters. This product is soluble in polyurethane resin, acrylic resin, polyester, alkyd resin, and epoxy resin. It has a good leveling property, enhances color and luster, improves the covering power of the dye, and reduces surface defects.


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Suny Chem supplies synthetic resins, auxiliaries, and high polymer additives for Paints. The company’s high polymer additives serve a variety of functions in paint applications, including antioxidants, anti-static agents, UV absorbers, curing agents, flame retardants, light stabilizers, optical brighteners, and photoinitiators. Established in 1995, Suny Chem is located in Yantai, China.



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