LOPON® 990 

LOPON® 990 is a dispersing agent for emulsion paints, plasters, silicate emulsion paints and adhesives. This clear, yellow-brownish liquid is a polyacrylate, lithium salt. It is used for nano-hybride emulsion based systems and prevents surface cracking in nano-hybride emulsion based systems. It is ideally adjusted to polyphosphates like CALGON® N for obtaining washing and scrubbing resistant emulsion paints. This product offers very good scrub resistance, very good storage stability, and the pure lithium product is suitable for all applications in which foreign ions like Na+, K+, NH4+ could interfere.


产品技术规格书 TDS
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ICL Advanced Additives, a business unit of ICL Group, offers specialty additives to the paint and coatings industry including corrosion and tannin stain inhibitors, dispersants, defoamers, and flame retardants. Our HALOX® and BK Giulini POLYRON® (also sold under the CALGON® trade name) and LOPON® brand products are formulated to offer safer, more durable and longer lasting solutions to address a multitude of coatings markets including: Aerospace, Agricultural and Construction Equipment, Architectural, Automotive, Marine, Coil Coatings and Industrial Maintenance. The ICL Group is the world’s leading fertilizer and specialty chemicals producer committed to fulfilling humanity’s ever evolving needs. As a business unit operating within ICL, we have the integrated knowledge, resources and technology to make coatings better.



ICL Advanced Additives

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