TARGON® 201 COMPOUND is a highly reactive mixture of particular ammonium phosphates and magnesia binder. Special additives were developed to assure certain setting characteristics, adequate workability and density in a wide range of building applications. TARGON® 201 COMPOUND was developed to achieve mortars with high plasticity or high flowability by mixing fresh water and silicate aggregates. The consistency is in#fluenced by the amount of these two components. To obtain a good stability and a certain rheology it may be useful to add fillers like microsilica and carbon furnace ashes (#fly ashes) free of carbonate. The fast setting binder compound nearly does not shrink during setting, hardening and drying. Minor losses in volume may appear while cooling depends on the dimensions of the cast and the amount of TARGON® 201 COMPOUND in the mortar. The cast can be removed after 2 hours already.



ICL Advanced Additives produces phosphate fertilizers, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, and aluminum compounds. The products are for pharmaceutical compounds and raw materials, synthetic gypsum, detergents chemical specialties for the paper industry, food additives, water treatment chemicals, as well as inner-shoe components for footwear. ICL Advanced Additives uses in-house R&D, to optimize process technology and develop products.



ICL Advanced Additives

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