CALGON® 322 New 

CALGON® 322 New is a dispersing agent for emulsion paints, plasters, and adhesives. It is a slightly acidic sodium polyphosphate of long chain length. This product improves the storage stability when applied in combination with polyacrylates like LOPON® 890. Due to its dispersing action, optimal particle size is rapidly achieved and it is best suited as a dispersing agent for waterborne paints, especially emulsion paints. It also slows down sedimentation reduces water hardness and offers a good binding capacity with regard to calcium- and heavy metal ions. This product deflocculates pigments and fillers in aqueous suspensions. Thereby, high solid contents of emulsion paints with low viscosity can be achieved.


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ICL Advanced Additives produces phosphate fertilizers, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, and aluminum compounds. The products are for pharmaceutical compounds and raw materials, synthetic gypsum, detergents chemical specialties for the paper industry, food additives, water treatment chemicals, as well as inner-shoe components for footwear. ICL Advanced Additives uses in-house R&D, to optimize process technology and develop products.



ICL Advanced Additives

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