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LOPON® 810 

LOPON® 810是一种用于水基乳胶漆和灰浆、清漆以及硅酸盐乳液体系的分散剂。该产品以聚丙烯酸钠的水溶液为基础。残余单体含量低于1%。其分散性对于无机颜料是十分有效的,如各种二氧化钛,碳酸钙和石英等。通过使用LOPON® 810可以获得出色的抗凝絮效果,同时使最终产品含有高固体含量。LOPON ®810有很高的碱稳定性,并适用于水玻璃为基础的系统。


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ICL Advanced Additives, a business unit of ICL Group, offers specialty additives to the paint and coatings industry including corrosion and tannin stain inhibitors, dispersants, defoamers, and flame retardants. Our HALOX® and BK Giulini POLYRON® (also sold under the CALGON® trade name) and LOPON® brand products are formulated to offer safer, more durable and longer lasting solutions to address a multitude of coatings markets including: Aerospace, Agricultural and Construction Equipment, Architectural, Automotive, Marine, Coil Coatings and Industrial Maintenance. The ICL Group is the world’s leading fertilizer and specialty chemicals producer committed to fulfilling humanity’s ever evolving needs. As a business unit operating within ICL, we have the integrated knowledge, resources and technology to make coatings better.



ICL Advanced Additives

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