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NKX 201 NMP-Free


Nokxeller Quimica Ltda目前只在以下作出标识的区域展示其产品资料:

NKX 201 NMP-Free shows excellent chemical, weathering and abrasion resistance due to higher resistance of this kind of polyol. NKX 201 presents wide use possibilities considering its high gloss and transparency properties as in synthetic substrates, as high gloss topcoats in leather finish, wood flooring or print screen putties, metallic applications.


Nokxeller Quimica Ltda specializes in manufacturing and developing of water-based polyurethanes for applications in the paint and coatings industries. Paints formulated with water-based polyurethanes are applied easily, dry quickly, and have no smell. Nokxeller Quimica Ltda products are available in a wide range of hardness, including very hard, hard, medium, soft, and elastic.



Nokxeller Quimica Ltda

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