Adhesion Additive for Glass Substrate XOANONS® WE-D322 

XOANONS® WE-D322 is an epoxy group silicane compound. This product is an adhesion additive for glass substrates. It also can improve the water and salt-fog resistance of coatings. It is suitable for two-pack systems.


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Anhui Xoanons Chemical Co., Ltd. is focused on researching, developing, and produces additives for paints, coatings, and inks. The company provides leveling agents, dispersants, and defoaming agents. Leveling agents are grouped into three series: polyacrylate, fluorocarbon-modified polyacrylate, and fluorine surfactant leveling. Xoanons supplies carbon black, organic pigment, titanium pigment, and anti-floating dispersants as well as silicon and silicon-free defoaming agents.



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