Planetary Micro Mill Pulverisette 7 

Working Principle: Impact force for grinding of hard, medium-hard, brittle samples - dry or wet - Applications: High-Tech Grinding, Mixing, Homogenizing down into the nano range - Applications: Pharmaceuticals, Mechanical Alloying, Metallurgy, Ceramics, Materials Research, Geology and Mineralogy, Chemistry, Biology - Max. Sample Size: 5 mm - Final Fineness: < 0.1 µm - Speed of Main Disk: 100 - 1100 rpm - Centrifugal Acceleration: 95 g.



FRITSCH GmbH is a supplier of sample preparation and particle sizing laboratory instruments for the Paints and Coatings Industry. FRITSCH’s precise milling instruments offer convenience while maintaining dependability. FRITSCH also offers particle size determination instruments with an option of Static Light Scattering with the ANALYSETTE 22 series and Dynamic Image Analysis with the ANALYSETTE 28 series.


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