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Dispersion and Stabilisation of Pigments and Fillers 

Dispersion and stabilization of pigments and fillers is a challenging process taking place during the production of coatings and inks. The process can be accelerated and improved when the basic principles, governing the process, are used in an effective way. Many problems can be prevented, and time and money can be saved, when fundamental knowledge as well as key information about the raw materials and equipment is understood and used.



The Meritus Group consist of three service-oriented professionals who have decided to unite and combine their various expertise for the betterment of the customer and the industry. Their vision is that the methodology used in the project management wherever possible should reflect that of the daily operation of the client.

Meritus Groep – Drs. Jochum Beetsma目前只在以下作出标识的区域展示其产品资料: