Aldehyde Resin INT A-101 Non-Benzene 

Aldehyde Resin INT A-101 Non-Benzene is a crystal or light yellow solid aldehyde resin that has a good wetability and a high softening point of 110°C. It is highly compatible and is soluble except in water. Its unique trait is containing zero amounts of benzene, toluene, xylene, and ketones, and therefore, making it very eco-friendly. It has powerful effects in improving the yellowing- and heat-resistance in oil paint and printing ink systems. It endows the coating film with good elasticity, adhesion, hardness, and toughness. It also functions as a grinding resin for all-purpose colorants, and promotes the natural grain and color of wood.


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Intech Synthetic Materials is a leading manufacturer of aldehyde-ketone resins for Coatings. These high performance functional resin additives will effectively improve coating adhesiveness, hardness, gloss, solid content, coating fullness, and weather endurance. Located in Yueyang, China, Intech Synthetic Materials has a proven track record of cutting edge technology and innovation in the Coatings industry.



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