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INT A81 UV posses a unique function of preventing the polymerization reaction among monomers in UV-curable coatings and printing ink systems, which results in a desirable gel-resistance.As a synthetic resin, INT A81 UV is the condensation of urea and aliphatic aldehydes, colorlessly crystal or slightly yellow, soluble in most paint solvents except water and widely compatible with coating raw materials.it is inactive in chemistry and doesn't take part in UV-curing reaction,but when used for UV coating and ink's production,it performs satisfctorily to help film forming process thanks to its low viscosity.


Intech Synthetic Materials Co., Ltd is a professional aldehyde-ketone resin manufacturer dedicated to provide value-added and high cost performance solutions for paint, coating and printing inks industries. A powerful R&D engine allows the product of new products, and a staff with over 10 years of experiences gives a guarantee of quality. The INT series will comprehensively and effectively improve coatings/printing ink formula’s engineering and business performance.




Intech Synthetic Materials Co.,Ltd. 岳阳市英泰合成材料有限公司

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