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Pigment Red 48:1 

Pigment Red 48:1 is a red powder with a color index name PR 48:1. It is easily dispersed and has good weatherability. It has a heat index of 180ºC. Offers good solvent resistance and low soap/acid/alkali resistance. Applications include printing inks, plastics, flexible PVC, low-class coatings and paint.


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Shandong Yuhong New Pigment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of organic pigments for the Paints and Coatings Industry. The Yuhong® and Kaihong® product lines of yellow, red, and blue pigments can be used in a variety of application fields. With more than 5000 tons of pigment produced annually, the research and development team works to create innovative products that are more environmentally friendly.



Shandong Yuhong New Pigment Co., Ltd. 山东宇虹新颜料股份有限公司

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