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ZOLDINE™ MS-PLUS Moisture Scavenger 

ZOLDINE™ MS-PLUS Moisture Scavenger is a fast-reacting, low viscosity oxazolidine-based moisture scavenger for use in urethane coatings, sealants and elastomers. ZOLDINE™ MS-PLUS Moisture Scavenger will safely and effectively eliminate moisture from the raw materials found in most urethane systems. It also eliminates problems caused by humidity during the cast or spray application of two-component urethane systems.

The following benefits are obtained when using ZOLDINE™ MS-PLUS Moisture Scavenger minimizes downglossing and hazing under high humidity application conditions, eliminates CO2 bubbles and pinholes in two component systems, improves film integrity and substrate adhesion, improves gloss, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance, prevents gassing and gelling in IPDI-based one-component (1k) moisture-cure systems, forms no insoluble precipitates upon reaction with moisture or isocyanates, fully reacts into urethane polymer matrix, and excellent handling properties.



Dow消费品和工业解决方案为油漆和涂料行业创建了创新技术。陶氏的多功能中和剂从AEPF™ , AMP™和DMAMP -80™产品线和ALKATERGE®表面活性剂可以作为缓蚀剂。这些成分增强配方的性能和价值,改善客户体验,并促进了产品的性能。


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