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UV-Curing Clear Coat for Wood, Matte Roller Application with Balanced Properties (Formulation #RR 6695) 

紫外固化透明木器涂料,消光辊涂应用,具有平衡的性能(配方 #RR 6695),含SILLITIN V 85



Hoffmann Mineral is a cutting-edge filler materials specialist who creates, perfects and sells products based on Neuburg Siliceous Earth. Their manufacturing program includes the product lines Aktisil, the puriss grades and Sillitin/Sillikolloid. Due to the unique structure based on a loose combination of lamellar kaolinite, amorphous silica and crypto-crystalline and whose corpuscular structure is impossible to isolate by physical means, it offers great application benefits to the Paints and Coatings Industry.

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