Borchers® Deca Cobalt 10 

Borchers® Deca Cobalt 10 is an important metal drier. It results in rapid surface drying and, in combination with a secondary drier such as zirconium, barium or lead, uniform through-drying of the paint film. This product is used in all oxidative systems, whether air-or forced-drying. It is used in architectural paints, industrial coatings, stains, varnishes, oil-based inks and artists' colors.

Cobalt catalyses redox reactions and even small additions result in the dissociation of autoxidant hydroperoxides up to a change in valency from Co2+ to Co3+. Borchers® Deca Cobalt 10 thus results in rapid surface drying. A surplus of cobalt may result in defects such as wrinkling, poor through-drying and yellowing.


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Borchers manufactures raw materials including coating additives and catylyst’s for use in water-borne and solvent-borne paints and coatings. This company specializes in providing products that are fast-drying, weather-resistant, water resistant, and improve free-flowing properties. Borchers system range includes Ascinin® Anti Skin 0444, Borchers® AF 1171, Borchi® Gel 0435, Borchi® OXY - Coat, etc.


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