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Borchers® Deca Cobalt 6 HS 

Borchers® Deca Cobalt 6 HS is used as a fundamental accelerator used in conjunction with organic peroxides to cure unsaturated polyester systems. Radical polymerization will be initiated as a result of repid decomposition of the organic peroxides.

Borchers® Deca Cobalt grades are used in unsaturated polyester systems for coatings and casting resins, as well as in synthetic resins for fiber reinforced tools. It can also be used as an accelerator in unsaturated polyester resins, resulting in a shorter gel time.


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Borchers manufactures raw materials including coating additives and catylyst’s for use in water-borne and solvent-borne paints and coatings. This company specializes in providing products that are fast-drying, weather-resistant, water resistant, and improve free-flowing properties. Borchers system range includes Ascinin® Anti Skin 0444, Borchers® AF 1171, Borchi® Gel 0435, Borchi® OXY - Coat, etc.


OMG Borchers GmbH

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