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Borchers® Deca Zirconium 15 HS 

Borchers® Deca Zirconium 15 HS is a highly efficient secondary drier. Zirconium driers are the most common secondary driers improving through dry in oxidatively cured coatings primarily by the formation of coordinative bonds. This product is recommended for use in VOC-reduced and High-Solid coatings.

Zirconium is mainly used in combination with primary driers like e.g. Borchi® OXY - Coat, Borchers® Deca Cobalt or Borchers® Deca Manganese based driers. In comparison to other secondary driers, zirconium has better properties in terms of color, yellowing and stability.


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Borchers manufactures raw materials including coating additives and catylyst’s for use in water-borne and solvent-borne paints and coatings. This company specializes in providing products that are fast-drying, weather-resistant, water resistant, and improve free-flowing properties. Borchers system range includes Ascinin® Anti Skin 0444, Borchers® AF 1171, Borchi® Gel 0435, Borchi® OXY - Coat, etc.


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