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Heucodur® Yellow 2550 

Heucodur® Yellow 2550 is a chrome antimony titanium buff pigment yellow powder with a Pigment Brown 24 color index. It has a C.I. No. of 77310, a CAS No. of 68186-90-3, and an EINECS No. of 269-052-1.


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Heubach/Heucotech, Ltd has been developing and manufacturing pigments for 200 years. The company answers challenging market demands with technically innovative, high-performance coloring and protection solutions for Paint and Coatings. Heubach’s product portfolio encompasses organic and inorganic “intelligent” pigments, as well as pigment preparations for paints, varnishes, coatings, and more.



Heubach/Heucotech, Ltd.

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